10Cric review

Here is an overview of the 10Cric bookmaker. In this review, we will explain all the ways you can interact with 10Cric betting and casino and tell you about 

  • about the interface, 
  • functions, 
  • the rules for use, 
  • as well as bonuses. 

Each section of the review is highlighted in a separate paragraph, where each item will be explained in detail. 

The 10Cric bookmaker’s interface. 

10Cric is an entertainment service provider specialising in providing betting on cricket games. 10Cric offers a user-friendly and modern interface, with good software. The 10Cric bookmaker is available in a large number of different countries, predominantly in India. Which was created for the audience and therefore specialises in its national sport. 

Cricket: History of the sport.

Cricket is a team sport using a ball and bat. Cricket originated in England in the early 16th century. Two centuries later, the game became one of the most popular, and later a national sport. After Britain began to spread its influence around the world, it also began to spread the popularity of the game of cricket. And as early as the nineteenth century, various countries of the world had their own cricket teams. India was no exception, it is one of the countries where cricket took root and became a national and favourite game. Today, cricket is so popular that entertainment game providers are even setting up separate websites and betting shops specialising in it.

  • The 10Cric interface has a pleasing colour scheme and new modern web design trends. Traditionally, the Indian design and approach to the banner colour palette has been retained. 
  • The main background of the website is in a white shade. 
  • The top menu and footer are in black. 
  • The most important elements are in the corporate colour yellow. 

The basic colours of the 10Cric brand: 

  1. white, 
  2. black, 
  3. yellow. 

Accordingly, the most important function keys are in yellow. 

When you open the home page of the 10Cric website, the first thing you will see is a horizontal menu at the top of the site offering various entertainment and features. Next to the logo you will see the option to 

  • read articles from the blog, 
  • in the next tab you will see an overview, 
  • registration, 
  • deposit, 
  • a bonus programme, 
  • sports betting, 
  • live casino. 

In the top right corner you will see two buttons «login» and «log in». You can only log in after you have completed the registration procedure. We will explain how to register your personal account on the 10Cric website in the following paragraphs of this overview. 

In the ‘registration’ chapter we will detail all the steps to create a personal account on the 10Cric website. 

Register on the 10Cric website. 

Registering with the 10Cric bookmaker involves following a series of steps, as prompted by the website itself. 

In order to register or create a personal account — go to the home page and click on the «register» button. It can also be called «join now». 

A window will then open with a form for you to fill in. You must follow the prompts on this form. What the system will ask you to do. 

Details to be given when registering. 

(Registration only takes three steps).

First step of registration: 

Click on the «register» button and wait for the form to open, enter your personal details as required in this window. These are: 

  1. the choice of sex, 
  2. name, 
  3. surname, 
  4. your date of birth, 
  5. an up-to-date email address. 

In order to set up a personal account you must be at least 18 years old. That is, you must be of legal age. 

The second step of registration: 

the next step will require you to enter your contact information: 

  1. country of residence, 
  2. phone number, 
  3. the address where you live, 
  4. city, 
  5. index.

Once you have completed all two steps, you click on next and go to the last, final registration page. 

The third step of registration: 

in order to complete your registration you will need to go through the final step and enter the following details

  1. password, 
  2. password confirmation, 
  3. robot check. 

Please note that the currency must be selected as the one you plan to manipulate and transact on the website. Verify you as a robot, which will need to be entered in the adjacent window. This function is designed to confirm that you are a real person and not a robot who creates many accounts.

Please note!

Important information to consider when registering a personal account on 10Cric. 

  • First of all, all the information you enter on the 10Cric website must be correct and up to date. 
  • Personal information must belong to you and be your own personal information. 
  • Your first and last name is needed so that in the event of problems with the system it is possible to sort out who owns the account and resolve financial issues. 
  • Your choice of currency must be done carefully, as it will determine all your future transactions. The currency you select at the time of registration will be the currency in which you will receive your winnings and make further deposits. 
  • You can only create one account. This means that you can only create one account on 10Cric. The site monitors user information and if it detects that you have created more than one account, it can delete your account. 
  • Read all of the terms and conditions of the site carefully, because this will ensure that you understand the mechanisms and rules for using the 10Cric site. 
  • Do not share your account details with third parties. Your username and password are the keys to your personal account to which the payment system is linked. Do not entrust your personal account to anyone other than yourself, as they may use it for their own benefit. 
  • Password — be careful when creating a password and try to create the most complex combination of characters possible. The system recommends using both letters and numbers and special characters. The password should also be kept out of the reach of third parties so that they cannot use it to enter your personal account without authorisation. 

Bonuses from 10Cric.

The bonus programme from 10Cric Casino is extensive and steep. 

In order to use the bonus offer and become a member of the 10Cric promotions you need to create a personal account. That is, you must register. We have already written about how to register your account in the overview above. We continue with our review of 10Cric bonus programmes and giveaways. 

The first bonus programme

10Cric Welcome Bonus. The welcome bonus is a gift for registering a personal account. It is available as soon as you create your personal account during the registration process. At the moment of writing the review, Casino 10Cric offers a welcome bonus of 100% of your deposit, as well as 10 free spins when betting on sports. Please note that at the time of creating your personal account, if you are prompted to enter a promo code, try to enter the promo code there and activate the bonus programme. Also, once you have created your personal account, information about the promotional offers offered to your account will be available there. 

The email address you gave when you created your account will be sent a newsletter containing news and promotional offers. So always keep an eye out for news and bonus programme updates so you don’t miss out on cool benefits. 

The first bonus involves doubling your deposit amount. To do this, you need to: 

  • create a personal account, 
  • to replenish the game’s wallet, 
  • use the welcome promo code once you have fulfilled all the conditions and also the playing amount is doubled. 

Please note that different bonus programmes have different rules all promotional offers

Limited in time, may be focused on a specific entertainment or game, may depend on the amount deposited, may be personal in nature. For example, on your birthday or a significant date, the 10Cric casino system may offer you a personalised bonus programme. 

Second bonus programme

The second welcome bonus involves playing in the live casino, through which you will increase your deposit by 150%. In order to select one of the two bonuses you must: log in to your personal cabinet using your credentials, enter the promotion section and select the bonus programme you like. We would like to remind you that any person who is of legal age and above is allowed to make a deposit or withdraw money. Because they must take full responsibility for their actions and manage their money.

Three mistakes when applying the bonus. 

Always pay attention to the terms and conditions of the promotion programme. And also be careful when entering all kinds of data: personal details, usernames, passwords, promo code symbols. Problems may arise if you: firstly, enter the wrong promo code. 

As you can only request a welcome bonus promo code once, be careful not to make any mistakes when copying this promo code. The characters you will enter in the registration field must exactly match the characters of your promotion code. They must not have additional letters, numbers or spaces. Also be careful with the layout: Capital or uppercase letters may also play a role in the correctness of the promo code. 

Second mistake: in order to make full use of the bonus, the bonus amount must be unlocked, for which the conditions of the welcome bonus must be met. The regulations that must be followed to unlock the bonus amount will be written in the description of the bonus. 

The third mistake: making an incorrect deposit. Each bonus programme requires a certain amount to be deposited. If your deposit amount differs from this, it may result in the bonus not being credited. Always be careful when filling in all the details on 10Cric.

Making a deposit at 10Cric Casino. 

Bookmaker 10Cric in this review will tell you how to make a deposit correctly. Making a deposit means depositing money into your betting account. This money will be used to pay for your actions on 10Cric. From this money you will be able to make bets on sports entertainment as well as live casino. This is the fastest way to start playing casino games. The 10Cric system involves a variety of deposit methods: 

  1. bank transfer,
  2. astropay, 
  3. visa and mastercard, 
  4. skrill, 
  5. and some others. 

Depending on the bank payment system you use, the processing time of the deposit will vary, as well as the minimum deposit amount. At the time of writing this review, the minimum deposit amount is Rs 1,000. 

In order to top up your game account you will need to 

  • register your personal account, 
  • log in to your personal account on the official 10Cric website 
  • find the «make a deposit» button in your account. 

Clicking on the deposit button will open a form for you to fill in, in which you will need to enter your details. The form allows you to choose which payment system you will use and therefore requires different data. Obligatory data to be filled in is: amount of desired payment, bonus code if necessary, name of the bank. As soon as you have transferred the money to your personal client cabinet and confirmed it, please wait for the moment of depositing to your personal account. This may take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours. In this situation it depends on the payment system.

Log in to your 10Cric personal account.  

In order to successfully log in to the bookmaker’s office and the official 10Cric website the following steps must be taken: go to the official 10Cric website page, find the login button, click on this button and enter your credentials. 

Depending on the system, 10Cric will require you to enter a username and password. These details can be replaced with your email address or mobile number if you have provided them during registration. We have explained how to complete the registration procedure in the relevant section. 


The username is the name you chose during the registration process. Try to write it without any errors or additional symbols. It must fully correspond to the name of your personal account. 


The password must be the one you used to register your personal account. When you created your account on the 10Cric website, you generated a password containing different symbols and letters. This password is the key to access your personal account. Please note that it must not contain any extra characters, the layout has to be saved and there must not be any extra spaces.

Once you have logged into your personal account you can access the full options of 10Cric, top up your account, use bonuses and all the entertainment facilities of the official 10Cric website.

Entertainment of the official website of the 10Cric bookmaker. 

At the moment, at the time of writing, all the games on the 10Cric website can be divided into four categories: 

  1. sports entertainment, 
  2. live casino, 
  3. Indian games, 
  4. slot machines. 

Sports entertainment on 10Cric. 

10Cric’s sports betting entertainment involves betting on a variety of sporting events. 

Advantages of 10Cric for betting: The first excellent alternative to real betting on horse races and other bookmakers. 

  • The ability to pay by all means of payment, and to carry out transactions through your personal account. 
  • The ability to bet from anywhere in the world, as well as via mobile phone. Possibility to receive various promotions and bonuses, as well as incentives, the possibility to communicate with the support team 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

These are a number of advantages that distinguish online bookmakers from real bookmakers. Agree the convenience is in your face. In order to bet on your favourite team or favourite game you only need to go online. If you don’t feel comfortable betting from your personal computer over the internet, you can always download the 10Cric app and never have to part with your favourite casino. The 10Cric app is available for gadgets of different operating systems: android or iOS

Judging by the name, you’ve already guessed that the 10Cric website specialises in cricket betting. This is the main focus of the 10Cric betting site. And you can bet on matches taking place in any country that the online platform suggests. 

The minimum bet at the time of writing is £5. This bet is acceptable for any sport. 


The second most popular game on the 10Cric website is international football. Football is an old English pastime, which over time has become a global sport. You can bet on any football team, or match results, at any level and ranking. From the Premier League to the World Championships. There will be a separate article on how to bet on football, which you can read after the review. 


The third most popular game is badminton. Among the Indian population, a large number of people are fond of badminton and are sufficiently well versed in it to make more effective and successful bets. 


In fourth place is hockey, a game of ice hockey with a stick and a puck that can help you win. 

If you understand the rules of the game and the strengths and weaknesses of the team, you can make a successful bet. You also need to understand how betting is done at 10Cric Casino. 

Hockey is not the most important sport for India, but its popularity is growing every year. 


The top five sports entertainment activities are cyber sports. Cyber sport is an entertainment game where players play a variety of virtual entertainment games. It is one of the most modern forms of sports entertainment and is rapidly gaining popularity with global and major cybersport championships. If you know your favourite team, or the best player, you can bet on them. In order to bet on matches such as dota 2 you need to understand your betting odds. The 10Cric website suggests the best odds for eSports.

Live casino on 10Cric.

A live casino is one of the most enjoyable forms of entertainment, as it involves interacting with a live person. 10Cric Live Casino offers its customers, both new and experienced, the opportunity to interact with a live dealer. A live casino is an opportunity to observe by video link what is happening on the playing field. This can be a variety of entertainment, but the main condition is an online link to the game.

The benefits of a live casino from 10Cric. 
  • The first variety of games. A variety of live entertainment is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 
  • So you can play live entertainment from anywhere in the world where there is internet and in any time zone. 
  • The impressions of the game — above all, a live casino offers higher winnings, and differs from other forms of entertainment by its ability to communicate with the dealer. It gives the impression of being fully present at the gaming table. 
  • A variety of different games. 10Cric Casino offers over 100 different live entertainment titles from the top providers. 

(The main live casino providers are 10Cric. These are the four main and most popular providers, providing reliable pairing and connection to the gaming space, providing high quality services).

You need a quality internet connection to play live casino games without interruptions. The main live casino entertainment: 

  • baccarat, 
  • blackjack, 
  • poker, 
  • andar bahar, 
  • slot machines. 

You can choose your favourite live casino entertainment and watch it live.

Indian entertainment on 10Cric.

10Cric is a portal specialising in Indian gaming. It offers some of India’s most popular entertainment andar bahar, patty and also cricket betting. The popularity of 10Cric in India has been growing quite a lot in recent years. As it is a bookmaker, it offers a wide range of range of games so popular among Indian customers. Therefore, for India, 10Cric is the best online space for gambling and betting. You can enjoy your gaming experience from the comfort of your flat. The most popular Indian entertainment on 10Cric: cricket. You can place various bets in more than 60 sports. However, the most popular one is cricket. 

The minimum bet for all sports is £5 at the time of writing, and cricket goes first in the popular entertainment rankings on 10Cric,. 

Second place kabaddi. 

Kabaddi is one of India’s oldest games that captivates you when you watch it. The 10Cric website not only allows you to watch kabaddi, but also to bet and win from your favourite pastime. 

Andar bahar. 

It is one of the oldest card games popular in India. You can tab to win with 10Cric. Almost everyone in India knows the rules of andar bahar. 

Three patty cards. 

This is one of the varieties of Indian poker in a live casino. Pati is more popular in India than other types of poker.

Slot machines at 10Cric. 

The official 10Cric casino website offers the widest range of slot machines. Slot machines are available in various designs and themes. You can also find slot machines with traditional Indian themes. 

The most popular slot machines at the time of writing this review are: 

  • mega-jokester,
  • three eights of gold, 
  • wild east and so on. 

The 10Cric website uses more than 17 global suppliers of gaming entertainment: iggdrasil, microgaming, netent, pragmatic-play. These are vendors who provide quality software to ensure that your slot machine game is only enjoyable and works properly. Rather than providing state-of-the-art slot machine designs, high stakes and real winnings. Even a child can cope with the slot machines, their interface is intuitive and all the buttons are signed. You can control the game from the playing field, if the slot allows it. 

However, the principle behind all slot machines is the same, and when they stop they must match the symbols.

The love of gambling entertainment distinguishes many people around the world. The 10Cric website offers residents who love to experience gambling a large amount of entertainment for every taste and affluence. In order to take part in gambling casino 10Cric you must be 18 years old and you must not have restrictions on access to gambling. Gambling involves the principle of assuming a certain outcome and waiting for its resolution. Online gambling is roughly similar to sports betting. However, in case of sports betting you may predict the outcome of the event in more details. Gambling has always been inherent in mankind, and since ancient times, various disputes began to appear, which were later formalized into games. Betting on various household items or money. Over time, this began to turn into a whole culture, and casinos began to be built around the world. however, the attitude of the authorities to gambling entertainment varies from country to country. Somewhere it is allowed, somewhere it is forbidden at all. But the online space allows access to gambling entertainment, no matter where in the world you are. All you need to do is to create a personal account, register and make a deposit. In order to stay in touch with 10Cric Casino, we suggest you use the app. 

Appendix 10Cric.

The popularity of mobile gadgets allows most people to stay connected and use their favourite entertainment whenever they want. The 10Cric app allows you to get back to your favourite game even on your way to work or on your lunch break. The mobile app implies 

  • ease of use, 
  • the speed of response of the application, 
  • user-friendly interface, 
  • responsive design. 

By downloading the 10Cric mobile app once, you no longer need to constantly go to the browser and visit the official 10Cric website. To use the mobile application, you just need to download it once and log in to your account using the credentials. You can download the app from the official 10Cric casino website, depending on your mobile phone. 

The website allows you to download an app for android or apple to your phone. These are two different operating systems that require slightly different application modifications. Regardless of which gadget you have, you can still use the 10Cric mobile app. 

The interface of the app is fully consistent with the design of the official website, the mobile app, also gives access to all kinds of entertainment, including even live casino, you have no restrictions on using your personal account, all bonuses are also available there, just like on the official website. Therefore the mobile app from the browser.

Cons of the online casino 10Cric. 

One minor, but notable, disadvantage is that the system does not involve betting on horse racing. Horse racing is one of the most popular forms of gambling at the racetracks. This type of betting comes from the 19th century, when the wealthy class could afford to buy a horse, train it and bet on it. Many racetracks were sometimes off-limits to the less wealthy.

24/7 technical support.

Technical support service casino 10Cric offers the possibility of contacting the operator, which will help you in your situation. Usually there is no problem with the situation on the use of 10Cric casino, but sometimes there are situations of misunderstanding or incorrect operation of the site. Although this is quite rare. If you have any difficulties, you can contact the customer service and ask questions. There are three steps you need to take to do this:

the first step. 

Check if you have done all the steps correctly, entering or correctly entering your details, passwords and promo codes. Usually the most common issues arise with problems logging into your account and wagering bonuses. Before contacting technical support, double-check if you have entered the data incorrectly. For example, in the promo code you used the wrong layout or extra spaces. If you are sure you have entered all the data correctly, please contact our technical support and ask the question you want to know. 

second step.

In order to solve the problem on your own, you can refer to the FAQ section. Perhaps some of the previous players have already had this problem and the 10Cric website administration has published standard answers on their website. You can go to the official website to find the FAQs and see what situations have occurred to past players. If the question that bothers you can not find in this section. Then write to the technical support team. 

the third step.

How to find technical support: Once you have accessed the home page, whether or not you have logged in to your personal account, you can contact the technical support chat. To do this, click on the «technical support» tab and enter your details and your question. 

Technical support provides advice 24-7 days a week. That means that at any time of the day or night, if you have a difficult situation, you can ask a question to a qualified member of staff. The service team will try to answer your questions as quickly and conveniently as possible and solve the difficult situation. 

Even if you don’t have a personal account, you have the option of contacting the technical support team, for example, to find out how to create a personal account.

Deposit casino 10Cric. 

10Cric Casino allows you to deposit money into your gaming account in a variety of ways. You can choose the way that suits you best, or the way you want to pay. Deposit allows you to bet and take part in various games.

Hot offer from 10Cric.

Regularly on the homepage of the official 10Cric casino website, a dynamic banner will offer you the hottest and best deals. Keep an eye out for news updates as well as newsletters to your inbox. To read the current offers in more detail, click on the learn now button in the banner and an additional window in your browser will open. The window will describe terms and conditions of use of the particular offer. Also we want to draw your attention to the fact that all promotional offers have time limit. And you have to fulfil a number of conditions in order to be able to apply the bonus to your personal cabinet. Therefore, always read the rules in detail and carefully and follow them flawlessly. Only if you follow all the rules and correctly fulfil the conditions of the promotion will you receive your bonus.

10Cric Casino Privacy Policy. 

10Cric Casino provides licensed and certified gambling entertainment and services. Therefore, on its website in the footer of the page is a privacy policy. Privacy policy means that the website administration casino 10Cric does not transfer information to third parties. That is, your personal information: name, address, phone number and other data will not be provided to third parties. 

In principle, giving personal and private information to other people can have negative consequences. 

10Cric understands this and has posted on its page the rules for interacting with the resource, as well as a privacy policy which describes the rights and responsibilities of the parties. In order to understand where you are and what your rights and responsibilities are when interacting with 10Cric Casino, please read the privacy policy carefully.


How do I register on the 10Cric website?

Go to the official website and click on «register». Then follow the prompts and enter all the necessary information.

How do I get the 10Cric bonus?

Read the rules for applying the bonus carefully and follow them.

How do I log in to my 10Cric account?

You need to register once and then use your username and password to log in.